Kitchen Tips

It's the little kitchen tricks that make a lot of things easier and make cooking, baking and slicing more fun. We reveal kitchen tricks that you will use again and again in the future. Everyone has their own procedures in the kitchen, whether it is the way of cooking or the arrangement of the kitchen tools. Nevertheless, the following tips are useful for those who want to make cooking easier and achieve better results at the same time.

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Main Dishes Recipes

They are at the centre of every menu, the main courses. You can do without a starter or dessert. Find here recipes for vegetarian and vegan dishes or those with meat. Tasty main courses provide variety in every season. Cold, warm, refined or fast, always a hit with our ideas.

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Our Diet Tips

The way to the desired weight is not easy: We renounce sweet sins and trim our body in the gym. But in order to fight the annoying kilos, it doesn't always have to be an extreme diet or the power sports program. If you want to lose weight healthily, you should follow a few small dietary tips, especially in everyday life.

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Dessert Recipes

The dessert crowns a menu and surprises guests or family after a successful dinner. Here you will find a large selection of great dessert recipes: from variations in a glass, creams, mousse and cakes to fruity, seasonal ideas. Here you will find the best dessert!

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Cakes & Pastries Recipes

With our cake recipes you are always right, because there is something for everyone! Whether it's for coffee on Sundays, for your birthday or as a treat for in-between - we present you with the best cake recipes from the ring cake, from the tin, from the box or springform pan.

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Food Trends

The world of eating and drinking is constantly on the move and is subject to changing trends, which are shaped by the gastronomy, bloggers and food magazines. Here you can find out more about the topics that currently move us Foodies.

Kombucha - Healthy Trend Drink From Asia

Although the drink from Asia is already over 2000 years old, this does not detract from its popular...

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Appetizer Recipes

The perfect start to a menu: the starter. No matter if you want to serve warm or cold starters, we offer you many varied recipes around this topic. It should not be too opulent, should be coordinated with the other courses and simply make the guests want more. A successful menu therefore already depends on the choice of starters.

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Beverages Recipes

Delicious side dishes make the menu complete: with fish and meat we are happy to serve classics such as potato gratin or pasta salad, but also new ideas such as balsamic lentils or herb noodles. With the right side dishes, every dish becomes a feast for the palate!

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Snacks/Party Recipes

The next party is just around the corner. The guests are invited, the music selected. Now all you need are suitable party snack recipes: small nibbles, puff pastries, fine pastries and tasty soups. That way the party will be a success!

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Recipes & Baking recipes with success guarantee

Discover the best cooking and baking recipes on Whether barbecue, party or Christmas recipes: Browse over 60,000 recipes with vegetables, fish and meat, vegetarian, vegan, for desserts and cakes. The recipes are easy to understand and are accompanied by useful tips to help you bake and cook.

Are you looking for tasty recipes? Would you like to spoil friends and family with a delicious dinner? Then our recipe search is just the thing for you. We also support you with a healthy, balanced diet. Because fresh and seasonal ingredients are especially important to us in the preparation! is cooking with friends. Whether you are looking for interesting facts and information about nutrition, food, baking and eating, or just chatting away from the topic of cooking - at you are sure to find the right partner for questions about cooking and other discussions.

If you are looking for the right recipe for cooking, you will definitely find it at Whether pancakes, pasta salad or spaghetti bolognese - here you can click through the numerous recipes, recook your favourite recipe directly and also rate the recipes by awarding them stars. From ideas for a quick meal to creative party recipes or carbohydrate-free recipes to the perfect recipe for waffle dough: there is the right recipe for every taste and level of difficulty. Of course, the recipes not only include cooking recipes, but you will also find recipes for cakes and tarts in abundance: cup cakes, Russian pluck cake or turnip cake are just three examples that you can easily copy with our recipes.

We are also your modern guide for recipes and decoration. We pay special attention to innovative recipes and baking recipes as well as loving table decoration. We always cook in an uncomplicated yet sophisticated way. The recipes and baking recipes range from the young, modern cuisine to the kitchen classics - so there is something for every palate. No matter whether it is Easter, Advent or Christmas... and no matter if regional or international cuisine, such as pasta recipes.

We place special emphasis on fresh ingredients as well as seasonal recipes and baking recipes. And that's not all: In addition to tips on healthy eating, you'll also find useful tips for the kitchen, step-by-step instructions and interesting facts about the most popular ingredients in the merchandise section.