These 5 Superfoods stimulate the digestion

There are many factors that can have a negative effect on the digestive tract. In order to do something good for the stomach and intestines and to stimulate digestion again, five superfoods in particular can help.

Particularly after large, hearty portions, the stomach is usually full and heavy, you feel tired and the digestion does not get going at all.

If the intestines work too slowly, the digestion suffers massively. Abdominal pain, a bloated stomach and constipation are often the result.

Fortunately, there are some superfoods that are not only delicious but can also help you get your digestion going again.

  1. psyllium - little swelling wonders
    Constipation is an unpleasant thing, but quick help is on the way: flea seed husks.

This superfood contains a lot of indigestible roughage as well as 15 percent indigestible mucilage, which binds large amounts of water and thus makes the psyllium swell up.

Thanks to this indigestibility they can reach the large intestine. There the seeds absorb water again and reach ten to 15 times their volume - this stimulates digestion and loosens blockages.

For the desired effect, one or two teaspoons should be taken daily. It is important to drink a lot.

The rule of thumb: Stir one teaspoon of psyllium seeds into 200 ml of water, let it swell briefly, drink it and immediately afterwards drink another glass of still water (250-300 ml).

The seeds urgently need the water to swell. Because the psyllium binds the water, it is also an ideal remedy against diarrhoea - a real all-rounder.

  1. linseed against constipation
    The local superfood! At 35 grams per 100 grams, fibre makes up more than a third of the components of the small grains. This is exactly what makes linseed so incredibly good for digestion.

Due to the mucilage and swelling substances, which are mainly found in the husk, the stomach is "closed" and you stay satiated longer.

To benefit from the seeds, one should take up to 2 tablespoons a day. Ideally the grains should be crushed beforehand, if they are not already crushed. They can be stirred into yoghurt, porridge or overnight oats.

But, be careful: too large quantities of the seeds can not only stimulate digestion but also have a laxative effect.

Also to be considered: A high fluid intake is also important when consuming soft seeds - 250 millilitres per 1 tablespoon of linseed is recommended, otherwise unpleasant constipation may occur.

  1. hemp seeds stimulate the intestines
    Besides many minerals, hemp seeds also contain proteins and essential fatty acids which help to get a sluggish intestine back on its feet.

On the one hand, they support the absorption of nutrients from other foods and at the same time activate the general intestinal function. This makes them super helpers for constipation, flatulence and digestive disorders.

In addition, hemp seeds are easily digestible and transport toxins from the intestine.

If the seeds are combined daily with healthy fruit and vegetables, this also has a beneficial effect on regular bowel movements.

Do you need more digestive arguments for this superfood?

  1. high fibre chia seeds
    Chia seeds have long been a favourite when it comes to healthy superfoods. And rightly so!

In addition to lots of protein, the seeds also contain a lot of fibre - just under 38 grams for every 100 grams of the small grains. This makes chia seeds one of the most fibre-rich foods of all.

This is what makes them so healthy for digestion. Eaten regularly, it stimulates intestinal activity and flushes toxins out of the digestive tract.

The plant fibres contained in the food also nourish the good bacteria in the intestinal flora, which make a major contribution to the healthy functioning of the organ.

  1. pleasantly hot ginger
    But not only small grains have a good effect on the digestive tract - ginger also has a positive effect on digestion.

However, this is not due to a lot of dietary fibres, but to its pleasant pungency. Ginger stimulates the flow of saliva and gastric juices, which speeds up the digestion process and makes food easier to digest.

It is best to drink two glasses of freshly brewed ginger tea made from a freshly grated tuber immediately after getting up. Or you can treat yourself to a small, highly dosed ginger shot. This simultaneously boosts the immune system.

A win-win situation so to speak: Healthy body, happy soul.

Regular Superfoods for health
Chia seeds, ginger and co. have many other positive effects on health in addition to their digestive effects.

It is therefore recommended to consume these superfoods regularly in the ideal case in order to really get the maximum out of the positive effect.

For example, one can start the day in an exemplary healthy way with a ginger tea and a delicious topped yoghurt and supply the body with good nutrients already in the morning.