Kombucha - healthy trend drink from Asia

Although the drink from Asia is already over 2000 years old, this does not detract from its popularity. And this is not only because of its fresh taste, but also because of the advantages for our immune system. We show you the health benefits of the in-drink.

Kombucha is produced by the Kombucha fungus, which consists of various yeasts and acetic acid bacteria. This fungus ferments the tea into a most-like, carbonated beverage that contains a small amount of alcohol. However, the alcohol content does not normally rise above 0.5 per mille, which is why the drink can also be drunk by children and pregnant women without hesitation. Green tea is often used to make kombucha, but black or herbal teas are also suitable.

On the one hand Kombucha has a positive effect on the entire digestive tract. The tea is rich in dextrorotatory lactic acid, which ensures a healthy intestinal flora. By supporting the intestinal tract, the immune system is strengthened. The vitamins and enzymes contained in the tea also ensure a better immune defence. Even in the case of diseases such as gout, rheumatism or diabetes, tea is said to have a healing effect, although there is no scientific evidence to date. In China Kombucha has long been considered a life-prolonging elixir that is used to treat many different diseases.

It is often recommended to drink kombucha as a support to a diet. The drink is said to promote faster weight loss when consumed regularly. This is due to the metabolism stimulating properties of the drink. Only when the metabolism is in full swing will weight loss work properly. However, anyone using Kombucha as a diet drink should be aware that Kombucha from the supermarket often contains a high amount of sugar. In this case it is better to use the homemade, less sugared version.

Kombucha can be easily and cheaply applied at home. All you need is the Kombucha mushroom (you can order it in online shops), water, sugar, tea (green, black, or herbs) and a large jar.