Lose weight effectively: 10 tricks that save 100 calories

Which slimming tricks really work?
Want to bet that you can lose your most stubborn pounds without a diet plan? You don't even have to go hungry - just try our cooking tricks and live healthier from now on.

Trick 1: Spray oil better

Do you always pour the oil directly from the bottle into the pan? Big mistake! If you use an oil sprayer or a brush, you can easily save 100 calories per meal. The reason: A teaspoon of oil is enough to fry in the pan - even a bold splash from the bottle is too much.

Trick 2: Using the toaster

It is not a law of nature that croutons must be fried crisp in a pan. There, the pieces of bread literally soak up the fat. The following variant is more figure-friendly: Put the bread in the toaster and heat it up until it has a golden brown colour.

Trick 3: Slim thanks to a toothpick

The bratwursts sizzle brightly in the pan - time for the toothpick! Prick 5 small holes in each side of the sausage. So much fat comes out during heating that you don't even need extra butter or oil for frying.

That way the pounds are guaranteed to drop!

Trick 4: Mineral water with a fried egg

Definitely try it out: Fry a fried egg in mineral water. Simply add two tablespoons of fizzy water to the pan, bring to the boil and fry the eggs. Tastes at least as delicious as the butter version, but is much better for the slim line.

Trick 5: Replace the pan

Coated pans or woks deliver excellent frying results even with the smallest amounts of oil or fat. In principle, you can also completely dispense with the addition of fat when frying with coated pans. Ceramic coatings can be heated up to 400 degrees - in contrast to Teflon pans, whose coating suffers from temperatures as low as 230 degrees.

Trick 6: Broth in salad

Spicy, crunchy, healthy - that's the taste of a salad if you replace half of the oil with vegetable stock for the dressing. This way you save a lot of calories and the dressing is very easy to prepare.

Trick 7: A different kind of potato pancake

Normally, potato pancakes float in the fat during frying. But why? It is much easier on the stomach: Take the waffle iron out of the cellar, spread a thin layer of oil on it and fill it with the potato pancake mixture. Want to bet that the potato speciality from the iron tastes just as delicious as it does from the pan?

Trick 8: Start the oven

All just hot air? The hell it is! If you want to lose weight, you should use the oven much more often. Because it allows food to be prepared in a low-fat and uncomplicated way - it is cooked by hot air, not by a bath in boiling fat. You prepare fried potatoes in the oven as follows: slice the potatoes, brush them thinly with oil and bake them at 200 degrees (circulating air) for about 30 minutes. Meatballs, chips or fish fingers from the oven also taste great!

Trick 9: Use butter sparingly

But don't paint it too thick! You can achieve this by using soft butter. Take the butter out of the fridge 30 minutes before the meal or put the packet in the oven for two minutes (at 50 degrees).

Trick 10: The milk does it!

There are almost 310 calories in 100 millilitres of cream, but milk with 3.5 percent fat content has only about 50 calories. Now the good news: In recipes, you can replace half of the cream with milk without affecting the taste. That way, the pounds will drop even though you continue to enjoy your meals.