Pizza Margherita cupcakes with baked tomatoes

Kristopher Marks
very easy
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50 mins
50 mins


Servings: 12
  • 1 glass (370 ml) dried tomatoes in oil
  • 1 TABLESPOON Tomato paste
  • 7-10 Tbsp Salt
  • 7-10 Tbsp Pepper
  • 1/2 bunch/pot of basil
  • 1 package (400 g) Pizza dough (cooling shelf; e.g. Aunt Fanny)
  • 7-10 Tbsp Grease
  • 300 g Cherry tomatoes on the vine
  • 250 g Mozzarella
  • 150 g Ricotta
  • baking paper


  1. 1

    Drain the tomatoes in a sieve, collecting 4 tablespoons of oil. Finely puree about half of the tomatoes and tomato paste with a hand blender. Season with salt and pepper. Cut the rest of the tomatoes into strips. Wash basil, shake dry.

  2. 2

    Coarsely chop leaves, except for a few for decoration. Roll out the dough and spread with tomato puree. Sprinkle with tomato strips and chopped basil. Roll up the dough from the long side. Cut into 12 equal pieces.

  3. 3

    Preheat oven (electric cooker: 200 °C/circulating air: 175 °C/gas: see manufacturer). Grease muffin tray (12 troughs) and prepare DIY paper cups. For this, cut baking paper into squares (each approx. 15 x 15 cm).

  4. 4

    Place in greased muffin tray and press down with a suitable glass. The paper sticks in the recesses. Place the pizza rolls in the paper cups with the cut surface facing upwards.

  5. 5

    Bake in a hot oven for about 12 minutes.

  6. 6

    Carefully wash the vine tomatoes, dab dry and place in an ovenproof dish. Sprinkle with 2 tbsp. of the tomato oil collected, season with salt and pepper. After about 5 minutes baking time, place in the oven with the pizza rolls.

  7. 7

    Pluck the mozzarella, mix with ricotta and season with salt and pepper. Remove the cupcakes and tomatoes from the oven, lift the cupcakes out of the hollows. Divide the tomato pancakes into portions. Cover cupcakes with cheese mixture and tomatoes.

  8. 8

    Spread the rest of the tomato oil and basil leaves on top.

Nutrition Facts

200 kcal
17 g
11 g
8 g