Blackcurrant meringue roll

Xavier Baldwin
not easy
4.5 2
45 mins
45 mins


Servings: 15
  • 5 Protein (Gr. M)
  • 220 g + 100 g sugar
  • 1 package Vanilla sugar
  • 1 heaped Tsp cornstarch
  • 1 TEASPOON + 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 7-10 Tbsp Icing sugar
  • 300 g Currants (e.g. red, black, white)
  • 500 g Mascarpone
  • 200 g Whipped cream
  • baking paper


  1. 1

    Beat the egg whites until stiff and add approx. 100 g sugar. Continue beating for about 2 minutes. Mix 120 g sugar, vanilla sugar and starch. Add 1 tsp. lemon juice to the beaten egg white and continue beating until the mixture is very firm and shiny.

  2. 2

    Line a baking tray with baking paper. Preheat the oven (electric cooker: 150 °C/circulating air: 125 °C/gas: see manufacturer). Spread the beaten egg white mixture on the baking tray. Bake in a hot oven for approx. 25 minutes until the surface is crispy and the base separates easily from the baking paper.

  3. 3

    Remove and leave to cool on the tray for about 5 minutes.

  4. 4

    Place a sheet of baking paper on a rectangular cake rack. Dust thickly with icing sugar and carefully turn the meringue plate over. Remove the baked paper, which is now on top. Cover the meringue plate with a clean, slightly damp tea towel and let it cool down.

  5. 5

    In the meantime, select the currants, wash them, drain them and remove them from the panicles with a fork. Stir mascarpone, 100 g sugar and 2 tbsp lemon juice until smooth. Whip cream until stiff and fold in.

  6. 6

    Fold the berries, except for a few for decoration, under the mascarpone cream. Spread the cream on the meringue platter, leaving about 1 cm of edge free all around. Roll up from the long side using the baking paper.

  7. 7

    Chill for about 1 hour. Decorate with the rest of the berries. Serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts

290 kcal
26 g
18 g
3 g